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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to make Chaka The Haitian way

Chaka is a great dish where mainly people from the country side of Haiti would eat. Many people living in the capital are always acting as if they are superior, and they think eating rice and beans is for high class.

I usually spend Easter vacation on the South East of Haiti, a small city called Bainet. My grandparents owned a beautiful home right by the beach. Growing up I did not value it as much, but now that I am in the states I can't stop day dreaming about spending time and sharing those memories with my hubby. Granma and Granpa used to spoil us BIG TIME!!! Before we wake up in the morning, breakfast was prepared, warm and fresh bread from the bakery, hot chocolate, omelette, and etc... It was always like a feast! Once we were done with breakfast, they started working on Lunch, we were treated like royalty. In the afternoon, they would put 3 rockers on the balcony facing the beach, my two sisters and I would sit and look at the pedestrians. Before you know it, supper was ready!!! my favorite one was "DU RIZ AU LAIT" It's like rice pudding, but a whole lot better. Sometimes grandma would have the servant prepare us some marinad or pate kode. Whatever we wanted!!!

We didn't have TV there, so our ultimate entertainment would be to watch "RaRa". My grandfather used to be the "Magistrate" of that city, so they really liked him and all the "band Rara" would stop in front of our house to play a special song for my grandpa. It used to be fun!!! There was so much activities planned for us that TV was the last thing on our mind. We would go on a picnic, beach, river, church, visit granma's friend. I had a wonderful childhood.


  1. Nice story, now did you forget the recipe?

  2. Nice story but I only clicked so i could get the recipe but it's nowhere to be found 🤔. Lol