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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to make pate Kode The Haitian Way

If you grew up in Haiti, you will definitely know about pate kode. The best place to buy this snack is on the side of the road. Kids would eat it during their lunch break. My husband got in trouble at his school for eating pate kode lol...

You can add anything you want in it such as: egg, sour herring, hot dog, chicken, ground beef, tomatoes and pikliz. Have it your way!!!

You don't need a culinary background to make this dish, but growing up I used to go to a cooking school with my sister and my aunty. I was just 7 years old, but I would observe everything they were making. I loved going there because I would taste all those succulent dishes. The owner of the school studied culinary in France, and she was really good at it. Even her hard boiled egg was absolutely delicious. I learned how to make oven baked patties from her as well. She taught the class for about 3 years, then my sister and Auntie graduated. OMG! I ate so much food that night, I was "gonfle" lol... Embarrassing but true!!!

Click on the link for the full Video from my Youtube Channel How to make pate kode the Haitian way!

Bon Appetit!

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