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Monday, November 5, 2012

Breastfeeding is Best!

It was shocking to see how people are still reacting to breastfeeding in this day and age. I started taking breastfeeding classes before I was pregnant. That was something I really wanted to do for my daughter. My goal was to breastfeed my daughter for at least six months, now she is approaching 7 months, and I am still breastfeeding her. I have never had any issues with milk supply because I did placenta encapsulation which gave me a lot of energy, milk supply, and prevented postpartum depression.

It was not an easy task! At the beginning, I was very nervous because I did not know if she was getting enough milk. I would pump milk, and have daddy feed her. I hated pumping, it was pulling my nipple, and it was very painful. I did not know any better, so I wanted a breast-pump so bad, I only used it for the first two weeks. I preferred hand expressing the milk, which was taught to me by a lactation consultant at the hospital. It's like milking a cow lol...

I had a birthplan, which stated "Do not give my daughter a pacifier nor sugar water". At birth, the first thing I put in her mouth was my breast, and she has been attached to it ever since. They gave me a bag full of formula, which I never used. 

I am not against moms who did not breastfeed their babies. As long as you fed your babies, that's all that matters. If you can make the effort to breastfeed your baby for a few days, that's even better.

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