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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to make thanksgiving turkey The Haitian way

Although THANKSGIVING is a Native American Cultural thing to eat turkey on that day, but those of us Haitians who live in the country also celebrate it with friends and family. I had many requests about making a video on how to make a non-traditional turkey on Thanksgiving day. I had an overwhelming requests for my Haitian Grandma's sauce, it makes life easier.

My lovely mother gave me a turkey, it is bigger than my seven months old daughter. That turkey is super heavy! If you have a big turkey, it is best to cut it into pieces, it will taste a lot better. This year cooking was super easy, I just pour that "Haitian Grandma Sauce" and Done! I had so many orders of my Grandma's sauce, that people are on a waiting list for three weeks. Next year, I will definitely start taking orders sooner, because the sauce can stay in the freezer for at least 6 months. I feel so bad for the people who ordered at the last minute, and have to wait. I like to make sure that they come fresh on my end.

Parsley (a bunch)
Thyme (a bunch)
Salt & pepper to taste
Green Bell pepper
Green onions
Habenero pepper
Lots of Garlic
Lime juice
Olive Oil

Here's the Video :-)

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