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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fried Breadfruit The Haitian way!

Growing up I really loved eating fried breadfruit as snacks. I love the crispiness of it as well as the salt. One time I was craving fried breadfruit, and I was at a supermarket I saw something that looked like it, but it was jackfruit. OMG! the smell of that thing made me wanna throw up :-(
My lovely mom bought me the breadfruit at a spanish supermarket. They are expensive $4 for that little thing. It was well worth it! When you buy it, make sure it is green!

I used to live in Antigua for Medical school. The apartment where I used to stay had a breadfruit tree. That was heaven!!! money was tight and the owner of the place would bring me breadfruit, sugar cane, conch, mangoes. OMG! I was just spoiled there. I really miss Antigua, and I hope some day I will go back there. I always visit a place once simply because there are so many countries that I would like to visit. I have been to France, London, Antigua, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Nassau Bahamas. I just love to travel.

I would love to visit Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Greece, and St. Lucia.

Here is the full link to the Youtube video on How to Make Fried Breadfruit The Haitian Way!

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