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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to make cornmeal with Spinach The Haitian way!

How to make Mais moulu The Haitian way

Mais moulu or corn meal is one of the dishes that many Haitian love to consume. There are different ways of preparing this dish. You can eat it plain or with beans. Some people like it with black or red beans. As long as it has some good coconut milk, I don't have any preference. My mom usually add some black mushroom when she is preparing it with black beans. Hmmmmm.... absolutely delicious. Well in this video, this is my favorite way of eating corn meal in the morning. It gives you strength throughout the day.

When making corn meal with spinach, I also like to add some sour herring to give it an appetizing taste. I have heard from all your concerns, so I spent some time putting this together.

Thanks for watching!This is my most favorite way of eating corn meal "Mais Moulu". Back in Haiti, I used to love eating this meal for breakfast before going to school. In America, we eat a light breakfast, which is contrary to Haiti where we eat a heavy meal in the morning. I really like the sour herring taste in this dish.

To make this dish, you will need:
Sour herring
Salt, pepper, parsley, thyme
Coconut milk
Maggie (which I don't recommend due to MSG)

Click on the following link to watch the full video on my Youtube Channel How to make cornmeal with Spinach The Haitian way!

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