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Friday, November 30, 2012

Grandma sauce

I have to give my grandma all the credit for my excellent cooking skills. Growing up, my parents would not allow me to go on the stove in fear of getting burned. When I go visit my grandma for summer break, I would mimic the servant (Very Nice lady). They cook everything fresh! They would kill the chicken, and I would take the intestines to cook, absolutely yummy!!! If you know how to cook delicious Chicken intestines, then you are a great cook. My grandma bought me a very small pot and a very small "recho". I would take charcoal, and start the fire. Clean and season my meat, then cook it. 

When we are visiting grandma she makes or have her servants prepare us the best food ever. We would eat with wine, and different meal everyday. It's not typical in Haiti, but I guess she had it going on. By the time we were done eating a wonderful breakfast, they were getting ready to fix lunch, and by the time we were done with lunch, they were getting ready to fix dinner. Keep in mind that while we are waiting on lunch or dinner, we were always snacking on something. It could be dous makòs, labapen, pate kòde, etc...

Back in Port-au-Prince, I attended a cooking school with my aunt and my older sister. I was only 6 years old, but I would take notes and taste those delicious food. I am not great at following directions in cookbooks, so I memorized the recipes. When I go visit my grandma, I would make them. Also there was a cooking school right next door, those ladies would practice everything they have learned in their cooking class with me at my grandma's house. Some days we would bake cake, patties, lobster, fish, macaroni gratiné, etc... My grandma would purchase everything needed to make whatever I wanted to make for that day. Oh yes! they spoiled me :-) My grandpa was my number one judge. He is basically just like my hubby. He would eat any crap that I make lol... Most of the time they were good, but even if they weren't he was always my greatest supporter. 

My mom was raised like such, so she really knows how to cook. I watch her when she's cooking, but she's the queen of cordon blue

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  1. Hi! What exactly is in the grandma sauce? I'd like to try it, please.

  2. I don't see any receipes. great story. but id like to make grandmas sauce too please.

  3. how do i order grandma's sauce? I cant find the link on here or your you tube channel.