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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cows feet the Haitian way

Cows feet the Haitian way

Wash the meat with salt and vinegar
Place cows feet in a boiling water with 1/2 and orange
Also add 1 cinnamon stick and garlic
Do not add any seasoning until it's almost cooked.
It takes at least 1-2 hours to cook.
When you add salt, it will make the cooking process even longer.
~Avoid salt and lemon juice 

When the cows feet becomes translucent and seems like the meat is falling off the bone, drained the excess water. In a clean pot, add some olive oil, then fry the cows feet with tomato paste. Add seasoning and some habanero pepper to taste. Add salt and a tablespoon of lime juice. Add salt and pepper to taste! 
Super yummy and a great way to boost your energy, especially for breast feeding moms.

Copyright 2013 Joanna Benoit

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